I am based in Arlington Virginia, and am available seasonally. I am always excited to hear about the life moments you want photographed, Please feel free to send me any questions.

Literally - FIND YOUR LIGHT. Understanding how it highlights, cloaks, enhances, distorts your subject will help you decide how you want to say about that subject. Is it a soft, magical moment? Use that light. Know when in the day the best light can be found - and where! As photographers, we are always chasing the light. Getting up early for that early morning ray on grass dew, capturing the sun setting on the birth of a new marriage…we are lovers of the light.

It happened almost 10 years ago. I realized I was on autopilot. Life was whirling by, and I was staring at my feet. Or, rather, my desk, in my cubicle, for that office job I hated. What happened? Where did the artist go? What about my dreams? More importantly, what about my reality?

I quit that week. Writing it now seems glamorous, but that’s the funny thing about perspective - it can shape anything.

And now, a decade later, I use my perspective and passion to capture life’s moments, not lose them.

As a photographer, I draw inspiration from the little moments in life that cause time to slow, just for them. Those moments that bring tiny little laugh lines to glimmer on the surface for a few seconds. Those moments too beautiful for words so we say nothing but memorize every detail in the frame. Those brief breaths when a new life has entered this world. That gut wrenching heartbeat skipped when the last of the star crossed lovers catch each other’s eyes. Those unforgettable moments you didn’t even see happening, you were just feeling them in every part of your being.

Yes, those.

I now spend my life behind the lens, seeing all of those moments. Committed to finding them, recognizing and appreciating them, and documenting them for your safekeeping. I specialize in wedding, engagement, Quinceañeras, and Family.

To live in the moment is my goal. To photograph life's moments is my joy.
I would be honoured to be trusted to capture yours.

Eric in the moment

Seeing the beauty in the everyday.

When I first started out as a professional photographer, I struggled to find my niche. I was trying to replicate the beautiful photos I had admired and spent hours pouring over in my earlier years. And yet that search for beauty prevented me from finding it in all the perfect imperfections.

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Tip: Good photography is finding the light.

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